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Green Mist – Antioxidant Liquid Serum / Tonic / Face Mask

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A new beginning for the skin of your face with our luxury organic cosmeceuticals.

Certificato AIAB

AIAB certified

100% guaranteed among the most important certification institutes for Eco-Bio products.

Testato in Laboratorio

Laboratory tested

Dermatologically tested, nickel and heavy metals.

Materie prime Biologiche

Organic raw materials

100% functional actives from organic raw materials.

Cosmetica Naturale

Natural Cosmetic

No petrolatum, silicone or paraben.



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Green Fashion

Our Courses

Follow Faber-Organic courses to improve facial tone in a natural way.

  • Corso-Face-Yoga

    Face Yoga is the only rejuvenating technique for face that allows you to reactivate, in a natural way, the muscle tone and elasticity of your face.
    Why should you take a facial gymnastics class?

    - As a rejuvenation practice
    - To improve mood
    - To eliminate tensions
    - To eliminate swelling, oxygenate the tissues, improve the whole state of health of the person

    Facial gymnastics have been scientifically proven to work!

    In 2018, the University of Northwestern showed that half an hour a day of face yoga actually rejuvenates the face.

    In 2015, Professor Takakura of the University of Osaka discovered how sagging skin is associated with a functional alteration of capillary and lymphatic vessels being essential in providing nutrients, oxygen and water.

  • Faber-Organic-Corsi-Coppettaggio-Viso

    In the Face Cupping Course I will teach you the movements and the mechanism of cupping by sucking with silicone cups of various sizes that are placed on the skin and pressed lightly so that the air is sucked in and the tissues lifted upwards. They are then moved to perform a massage, changing them according to the area to be treated.

  • Corso-Gua-Sha

    Facial Gua Sha is a beautiful, soothing and relaxing daily ritual, capable of bringing various benefits both for beauty and for the well-being of body and mind, born from traditional Chinese medicine.
    Facial Gua Sha is performed using a stone instrument which, through specific movements, stimulates micro circulation and the lymphatic system. This facial massage acts at a deep level on the fascia, stimulating a healthy complexion and a progressive improvement of the skin texture.


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