About us

Faber-Organic aims to create high-performance organic and ecological cosmetics with the highest quality active
ingredients. Our philosophy is to create multi-functional and valuable cosmetics that allow you to take care of
yourself in the best way, adapting to a modern lifestyle.
After years of research, we debut with the line INCIPIT – A new Beginning for your skin
We have conceived Incipit as the beginning of our company, as a new beginning for your skin, and as the foundation
of skincare.
A skincare routine practical and reduced to the essential. Essential and effective.
All of our products are certified by Aiab, Nickel and heavy metals tested, dermatologically tested and multifunctional.
Between innovation and tradition.
We have combined Matcha Tea, with its exceptional antioxidant properties, and lactobacilli, which enhance the
features of Matcha Tea and help it to get deeply into your skin. This is how ‘Incipit’, our Organic skincare line, was
born. It is dedicated to all those people, who live a modern life but also feel the need to take care of themselves.
Incipit is all about multifunctionality, and we have applied this concept to every single product. We are convinced
that people today need the greatest quality, combined with simplicity and speed of use. So, a serum can become
a face cream, but also a primer and an eye contour.
We have reduced the steps of the skincare routine to a minimum, while providing the best quality.
Incipit aims to the essential, because that’s where everything starts.
Incipit, a new beginning for your skin.

Ingredienti funzionali

Tè Matcha

It acts as an anti-aging, draining and detoxifying, visibly lightening the complexion.


They are probiotics that act as a booster helping the absorption of the active ingredients on the skin of the face.


It acts on melanogenesis, controlling the formation of brown spots.

Alfa-Idrossiacidi da frutta

They slightly exfoliate the skin to accelerate cell turnover thus leaving the skin oxygenated and compact.


Strengthens the repair capacity of DNA and prevents the immunosuppressive effect generated by ultraviolet rays.


Moisturizing and antioxidant complex

For a toned and healthy skin we have included a pool of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans, galactoarabinans, natural vitamin E, red grapes and wheat proteins.