Chapter One

Chapter one – Take yours Vitamins

When we thought Incipit, we wanted universal products, which had the characteristics that could be used by anyone and for any type of skin.
We therefore aimed at 4 essential and multipurpose products and made them our Incipit, the beginning.
The time has come to begin the story, after having enchanted you with the Beginning, here we are writing Chapter One of this story.
In some ways, in this new line, some themes brought by incipit are taken up and deepened. Others, however, appear forcefully and represent his negative, as in a photograph of the past.
If with the Incipit we wanted a line of Fundamentals for every skin and every skincare routine, then with Chapter One we want extremely specific treatments instead.
What remains is the common thread of our story, multifunctionality and essentiality.
For this new line we wanted high-performance active ingredients with proven efficacy, in massive doses.
We wanted to propose extremely specific treatments with a sure effect.
And so, here's the idea of vitamins. For some time, research has emphasized its effectiveness in cosmetics. Simple yet powerful, we have adopted them for this new line, and we think the result is extraordinary.

Take your vitamins consists of:

3C-Enhancer Illuminating triple vitamin C treatment
A-Enhancer Anti-wrinkle treatment
C-Enhancer-Filler treatment
E-Brightening Essence
Eye Countour Mask

Take your Vitamins… Your skin will thank you!

  • Faber-Organic-3C-EnhancerFaber-Organic-3C-Enhancer-retro

    Face and décolleté treatment based on Vitamin C. Light emulsion that is rapidly absorbed and acts in depth. Three different forms of vitamin C for an extraordinary illuminating treatment. Free ascorbic acid is protected by its other forms in order to make it stable. A synergy of 3 different derivatives of this vitamin that promotes 3 targeted actions: Fighting dullness, signs of aging and skin blemishes.

  • Faber-Organic-A-EnhancerFaber-Organic-A-Enhancer-retro

    Night anti-aging treatment based on Vitamin A. Light emulsion that absorbs quickly and acts in depth. The anti-wrinkle effect of vitamin A, the antioxidant par excellence, has been proven in laboratory tests. Promotes the skin repair process and stimulates the production of collagen which decreases with age. In addition to being a powerful ally in the fight against the signs of aging, it smoothes the epidermis, improves skin brightness by counteracting any brown spot. Redensifies the skin and decreases the depth of the wrinkle.

  • Faber-Organic-C-EnhancerFaber-Organic-C-Enhancer-retro

    A wonderful emulsion with a filling and anti-aging effect. Marine collagen peptides are able to provide the body with 8 (out of a total of 9) essential amino acids, including glycine and proline in greater quantities. They perform important functions for the whole body and, in particular, greatly contribute to improving skin regeneration. Rich in omega 3 fats, its application on the skin provides an immediate moisturizing effect and thanks to its amino acids stimulates the production of new collagen. The nutrients contained inKlamath extract they are vitamins C, E and B (especially B3 and B5) but also minerals, chlorophyll, antioxidants (carotenoids, polyphenols, phycocyanin) which provide optimal hydration and firmness of the skin.

  • Faber-Organic-E-Brightening-EssenceFaber-Organic-E-Brightening-Essence-retro

    Moisturizing face and décolleté lotion with a fundamental anti-aging and antioxidant action. Based on hyaluronic acid, bromelain, a precious blend of different teas, pomegranate, orange, sea buckthorn, it performs a daily keratolytic and collagen renewal action. Instantly illuminates, thanks to the beneficial effects of vitamin C contained in herbal extracts.

  • Faber-Organic-Eye-Contour-MaskFaber-Organic-Eye-Contour-Mask-aperto

    A magnificent mask for the complete treatment of the eye contour. It fills and illuminates the eyes but at the same time soothes and drains, reducing periocular retention. Stabilized vitamin C acts on the stimulation of fibroblasts by producing new collagen. In this way it fills in the small wrinkles over time and illuminates the eyes. The 6 oriental teas blend reduces the depth of wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. Centella asiatica drains, reducing periocular retention. Black currant has a soothing action. A fabulous eye contour treatment that fights dryness, signs of aging, bags and dark circles.