Chapter one – Take yours Vitamins

When we thought Incipit, we wanted universal products, which had the characteristics that could be used by anyone and for any type of skin.
We therefore aimed at 4 essential and multipurpose products and made them our Incipit, the beginning.
The time has come to begin the story, after having enchanted you with the Incipit, here we are writing Chapter One of this story.
In some ways, in this new line, some themes brought by incipit are taken up and deepened. Others, however, appear forcefully and represent his negative, as in a photograph of the past.
If with the Incipit we wanted a line of Fundamentals for every skin and every skincare routine, then with Chapter One we want extremely specific treatments instead.
What remains is the fil rouge of our story, multifunctionality and essentiality.
For this new line we wanted high performance active ingredients with proven effectiveness, in massive doses.
We wanted to propose extremely specific treatments with a sure effect.
And so, here is the idea of ​​vitamins. Research has for some time emphasized its effectiveness in cosmetics. Simple yet powerful, we have adopted them for this new line, and we think the result is extraordinary.

Take your vitamins consists of:

3C-Enhancer Brightening triple vitamin C treatment
A-Enhancer Anti-wrinkle treatment
C-Enhancer Filler treatment
E-Brightening Essence
Eye Countour Mask

Take your Vitamins … Your skin will thank you!