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The Fit & Face is the only facial gymnastics, among the many methods offered on the market, which was created by a Doctor of Motor Sciences, created from research. She researches that she has been able to prove that this method works.
In 2017 I had the great fortune to meet his creator, who became my teacher, and taught me everything I know.

Why should you take a facial gymnastics class?
- As a rejuvenation practice
- To improve mood
- To eliminate tensions
- To eliminate swelling, oxygenate the tissues, improve the whole state of health of the person

Facial gymnastics have been scientifically proven to work!

In 2018, the University of Northwestern showed that half an hour a day of face yoga actually rejuvenates the face.
In 2015, Professor Takakura of the University of Osaka discovered how sagging skin is associated with a functional alteration of capillary and lymphatic vessels being essential in providing nutrients, oxygen and water.
Well, the lymphatic system does not have a pump, it is the movement of the muscles that helps drainage. So you understand how important facial gymnastics is in this sense, it is very common, after a session of facial gymnastics, to see the face deflated and bright.

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The plus of Faber-Organic Face Academy in the Face Yoga Course:

  • Course available, at the moment, only in Italy
  • I will teach you the FiT & FACE method in 10 live lessons, and I promise you that in 10 lessons, you will see a REAL change on your face.
  • I will recommend a skincare routine designed for you and your needs. I know that many Face Yoga teachers ignore this point or even contrast skincare and face yoga, it is wrong. Not only are they not in opposition but they complement each other. Skincare is needed for the skin to have the hydration and nourishment that we often cannot give it from within, but not only that, skincare involves the fundamental step of cleansing, which no practice, however active, can replace.

It is essential, to marry a right skincare routine with targeted facial gymnastics exercises. The results are obtained with constancy and with many gestures: just as the skincare routine alone is not enough to be truly a complete anti-aging practice, in the same way face yoga is not, cannot be, alone, the only one. practice that makes the skin beautiful.

  • We will do a deep work on joy, emotions and laugh, yes because laughing is the best of anti-aging exercises! Laughing oxygenates us, oxygenates our tissues and organs, improves blood circulation and the lymphatic system. It is also a way to be more energetic but also to release tension, which often causes wrinkles
  • My courses are all Live, I don't do video courses. I want to personally correct you if you are making a wrong move.
  • We will talk about posture! Face yoga is not just grimaces but above all awareness of one's posture not only of the body but of the face itself. Poor posture is often a major cause of wrinkles and loss of tone on the face.


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Face Yoga Course